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==Motive: File Management==
==Motive: File Management==
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<div class="padded">
{{#ev:vimeo|173112613|400||Motive file management|frame}}
{{#ev:vimeo|259377051|400||Motive file management|frame}}
==Motive: Timeline Pane==
==Motive: Timeline Pane==

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This page includes all of the Motive tutorial video for visual learners.

Download the sample TAK files used in these videos from the following link (318 MB): Download

Motive: Installation and Activation

Motive installation and activation


Camera calibration in Motive.

Motive: Creating Skeleton Assets

Creating skeleton assets in Motive.

Motive: Labeling

Labeling Tutorial 1. How to check marker labels in Motive
Labeling Tutorial 2. Manual Labeling in Motive
Labeling Tutorial 3. Auto-label.

Motive: Panes and Layouts

Panes and layouts

Motive: 2D and 3D Views

2D and 3D views in Motive

Motive: Toolbars and Dropdowns

Motive toolbars and dropdowns

Motive: File Management

Motive file management

Motive: Timeline Pane

Timeline pane