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When a motion capture system is used in conjunction with force plates, they work together as a powerful tool for various research applications including biomechanical analysis, clinical gait analysis, physiology research, sports performance research, and many more. An OptiTrack motion capture system can synchronize with force plates to obtain both kinematic and kinetic measurements. Note that force plate integration is supported only with a Prime camera system using the eSync synchronization hub. This page provides quick guidelines for setting up and configuring force plates — with digital outputs — along with the OptiTrack motion capture system.

For detailed information on specifications and configurations on the force plates, refer to the documentation provided by the force plate manufacturer.


  • Analog Platforms: Analog force plate devices can only be implemented via NI-DAQ devices. Incoming voltage signals can be detected through NI-DAQ devices, but the force plate related software features (vectors, position calibration, etc.) will not be supported in Motive. Refer to the NI-DAQ Setup page for detailed instructions on integrating analog devices.