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This page contains useful information for users who are outputting motion capture data from Motive into the MotionMonitor software.
For more information on the MotionMonitor, visit [].
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There are two different approaches for interfacing and collecting data from OptiTrack camera system onto MotionMonitor. Each method is appropriate for different types of research, clinical or sports applications. These methods include:

  1. C3D export: MotionMonitor C3D Model Builder.
  2. Real-time streaming:

For each version of the MotionMonitor, the menu items and layouts may vary slightly, but the general steps are similar.

C3D Export

C3D Model Builder

Exporting C3D file from Motive

Select the Take(s) in the Data pane, and then right-click on the TAKs to export the tracking data.

Real-time Biomechanical Modeling

Real-time streaming of tracking data into MotionMonitor gives the ability to build a biomechanical model, record, and analyze data in Live mode.